Sanitation and Health.

Sanitation is one of the highest priorities at Indulge Nail Studio. Indulge strives to provide a clean and safe environment for its clientele as well its team members. We utilize a medical grade autoclave (dry heat sterilizer) for all of our stainless steel nail instruments to kill bacteria at temperatures at approximately 400°F, as well as ultraviolet sterilizers. To avoid contamination, we provide individualized tools for services. Tools that cannot be disinfected, are disposed of. Pedicures are provided in stainless steel sink basins with pipe-less jets to reduce the chances of harboring debris and buildups in the pipes. As an additional step towards creating a more clean environment, we can reduce the inhalation of toxic fumes and nail dust in the air during enhancement services with HEPA filters from our Valentino® capture system. In addition to our sterilization process, the hot towels provided with most of our services are also sterilized in ultraviolet light. We also offer water-less manicures (and personally encourage it) upon request to enhance the adhesion of your polish whether it be gel or regular. It also reduces the chance of cross-contamination and is environmentally friendly. Indulge Nail Studio is committed to cleanliness and sanitation; and are constantly discovering better ways of services to meet your needs.

Due to COVID-19, additional cleaning procedures and standard protocols have been added to better maintain the safety of both staff and clientele. Please click on the link below to read about some of the adjustments.

Please note that since Philadelphia has lifted all mandates, Indulge has chosen to continue some of the changes  for the time being. Mask is currently still required within the establishment. Thank you for your continued support.